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SonicChicago: Voices from the Hyde Park Book Sale

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by Julia Wetherell

In the age of the Kindle, corporate America conspiring to fabricate the next morbidly themed YA fantasy sensation, and Oprah and Starbucks attempting to dictate the rest of the population's taste in literature, it's nice to know that some things stay the same. This past Columbus Day weekend saw the return of the yearly used book sale at Hyde Park Plaza. booksale.jpgPiles and piles of banana crates from nearby Treasure Island housed metric tons of books donated by Hyde Parkers, romance novels juxtaposed with philosophical treatises and cookbooks featuring savory jello recipes. I found the event tailored nicely to my interests in vintage dime-novel cover art, high-concept kid's picture books, and strange unlicensed Star Trek reference books with hilarious illustrations.

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Julia Wetherell is a second-year in the College and a contributing blogger for the Blog that Works.

More info on the Hyde Park Used Book Sale Web Site