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Spring Course Round-Up

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Just some of the Spring 2010 courses that connect to Chicago:

  • Anthropology of Museums, Morris Fred
  • Calumet Quarter (3 courses simultaneously, Environmental Science), Madeline Macleester, et al.
  • Chicago Film History, Judy Hoffman
  • Child Poverty and Chicago Schools, Chad Broughton
  • Colloquium: African History, Rachel Jean-Baptiste
  • Documentary Video: Production Techniques, Judy Hoffman
  • The Evolving Social Sector; The Business of Non-Profits (Campus Catalyst), Debra Schwartz
  • Feeding the City: The Urban Food Chain-2, Pamela Martin
  • Prairie Ecosystems: Lessons of Sustainability in the Past, Present, and Future, Justin Borevitz
  • Process & Policy in State & City Government, Clayton Harris
  • University of Chicago Campus (Art History), Katherine Taylor
  • Urban Economics, George Tolley and John Felkner
  • Urban Structure and Process, Omar McRoberts
This is just a few of the possibilities of connecting your studies to Chicago.

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