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More election reactions

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The Chicago Reporter is soliciting submissions to its 50 Days 50 Voices feature. Write a story, craft a photo essay, or record a video or audio clip reacting to the election. Selected entries will be published between December 1 and Inauguration Day. This could be a good warm-up or follow-up to your Chicago in 60 Seconds submission!

via Gapers Block.

Travel tips for Midway Airport

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Run! To this rectangle!

I doubt that airport security checkpoints are anyone's favorite part of Thanksgiving, but here's a tip for folks who will be flying out of Midway to get to their turkeys and tofurkeys this Thursday.

Since early summer, the initial security screening area at Midway has been divided into three sections: one for "Casual Travelers", one for "Families", and one for "Expert Travelers." The system is designed to reduce stress and increase efficiency (and of course to quell terror) but it's not entirely obvious what's going on. The last time I visited Midway, I endured the most scrutinizing ID-check I'd ever experienced and so felt I'd earned my stripes as an "expert" traveler. I shuffled over to the farthest right lane in the security area, and following the signs I wound my way around a corner into a separate screening area. Two sets of metal detectors and TSA squads and all of one fellow passenger awaited me. Forty-five seconds and a pat-down later, I was re-lacing my shoes and heading to my gate. Now this was a Sunday afternoon in a non-peak travel time, but the two-dozen or so families and travelers who were still waiting to sort out their laptops and spare change definitely had a longer wait than I did.

So for folks who are traveling light and don't need much guidance through the screening process (shoes off, belt undone, liquids in a baggie, laptop in a separate case thankyouverymuch) definitely go for the expert lane to save yourself some hassle.
Chicago's queer community is strong, colorful, active, and political. Pilsen hosted this year's Dyke March which drew  more than 1000 particpants. Howard Brown Health Centers provide a myriad of health and social services for queer individuals and families.  About Face Youth Theater provides professional-quality theater training to queer and allied youth, helping them develop and perform their narrativesCongregation Or Chadash provides a respectful and affirmative home for queer and allied Jews.  Hundreds of other organizations focus on the needs and accomplishments of every facet of the queer community.

With such a large and diverse community, it's no surprise that folks are protesting the recent slew of discriminatory legislation and ballot initiatives. Thousands of queer and allied folks will participate in the Chicago Against Proposition 8 rally tomorrow, November 15, from 12:30 to 3:30 in Federal Plaza at Dearborn and Adams.

Brian Normoyle puts it well:
Last Tuesday a very narrow majority of voters decided to make history again: California is now the first state in the nation to take away a currently existing civil right from a group of citizens. This national embarrassment by way of constitutional amendment is made all the more painful and unjust by the manner in which it was passed: the subjection of individual rights to a popular vote. Really? In America? In California!?
Please join us on Saturday as we fight for human rights!

Our Voices, Our Choices

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The Chicago Foundation for Women does a lot of important work in the city, disbursing funds to woman-focused non-profits large and small. They've put out a call for women to share their stories about accessing abortion and reproductive health services, to be presented in a Vagina Monologues-style event coming up this January. Check out the program description here

Hat tip to Viva La Feminista.