Of Squirrels and Students

By Amy Estersohn on | Comments (3)

Among other things, the University of Chicago is particularly famous for its t-shirt slogans. These t-shirt slogans include the ubiquitous "Where Fun Comes to Die" as well as a number of other insulting or off-color slogans I don't wish to share here.

One of our other popular slogans comes in a his-and-hers set. For him, there's "University of Chicago: Where the squirrels are cuter than the girls" and for her, there's "University of Chicago: Where the squirrels are more aggressive than the guys."

Unlike, say, the Where Fun Comes to Die slogan, the squirrel slogan does hold a good deal of truth to it. The squirrels on this campus are RIDICULOUSLY INSANE, to the point where people will point out squirrels acting crazy on one of my tours. I've spent the last two years being brainwashed, so I no longer think that a particularly cute/aggressive squirrel is anything noteworthy. This one squirrel, however, got my attention, as he was hanging out on the back porch of my apartment.



Definitely cute. Definitely aggressive. But the crucial question is: how does this squirrel compare to a U of C student?

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Joe said:

I'm not particularly surprised, UMBC's squirrels are also extremely weird and curious about people. Not to mention half of them have rat tails (they're not bushy like normal squirrel tails). We call them Scrats, and blame the Biology Department for their existance.

Kojo Acquaah said:

I've seen squirrels like this in Quebec. Not only are they unaffected by the presence of humans, but they will actually approach you. I have no idea how they could compare to a U of C student.

Alex said:

Yea, I was also amazed at the audacity of the squirrels in Boston when I moved there. In Moscow, you see, they were almost completely wiped out. So seeing them come up to you as close as a couple of feet or just sit in the middle of a path or lawn was just insane. I think I need to visit your university before I answer your question.

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