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So you get the point already that Obama was elected president and he lives right near the University of Chicago and blah blah blah blah blah. But let's face it: it's not every day that a picture of your apartment building from over the summer makes to to

... Well, it's actually a picture of a bookstore, not an apartment building, but above that bookstore is an apartment building and it is the apartment building I lived in over the summer. So there.

I should also point out for all you fangirls and fanboys that The Medici sells the "Obama Eats Here" shirts, so if you are visiting campus some time soon, you might want to stop by to pick one up. I'm going to suggest that if you're visiting while school is in session you should eat lunch in one of our dining halls instead of off-campus, but if you ignore me at least know that their goat cheese, spinach, and pesto pizza is superb.

And that's not even the only thing that's making headlines: David Booth, MBA '71, just gave a $300 million gift to our graduate business school, the largest gift ever made to a business school. Evar.

That's all the flashy news I have for now (one more thing: this dude on our faculty recently won a Nobel Prize, but that was like so five weeks ago already), so a mini-update on actual things happening to actual students (i.e. me).

Today I accidentally stood up a girl I'm going to tutor. Today was supposed to be our first meeting, and I blew it. How do you accidentally stand somebody up, you ask? Good question: it's the same way you've lived in your dorm for 2.216667 years and still don't know which one is the Burton Lounge and which one the Judson Lounge.

Later, though I made it to a reception and talk given by the happiest man alive, Gary Hoover, AB '77. Gary is the happiest man alive because:
a) he's an extremely, extremely, extremely successful entrepreneur
b) he gets so excited talking about anything-- particularly business history and retail-- that he can't stand behind a podium
c) he owns over 50,000 books.

Though he spoke primarily about how to be an entrepreneur, he also talked about his life here at the U of C. "Of all enterprises," he said, "best one I ever got involved with was the U of C."

He also talked about being a member of Shorey House, and how he and his friends went on late-night expeditions around Chicago they called Shorey House International Tours.

"You can figure out that acronym for yourselves," he said.


Jose Orihuela said:

I went into 57th Street Books after my on-campus interview two weeks ago. I loved how it was in the basement of the building and it has that quaint, cozy ambience. I think I'll visit campus and its surroundings again now that Obama is the new President-Elect.

Fun stuff.

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