Dorm of the Day: Snell-Hitchcock

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Dorms, dorms. Choosing which to live in can be so taxing. Do I want the gray neogothic one? The pink and orange building made of Legos? The former brothel? The one with a nagging little zombie problem? The housing office can only do so good a job representing our dorms and the houses they hold in Official Brochure Format (Capitalized to Emphasize Officialness). I, however, am all about spilling the dirty little secrets of dorms, and giving you THE FACTS about the exotic Chicago locales that you may eventually call home.

Thus, today, I am starting the first of my Dorm of the Day series, in which I take random pictures of the inside of dorms. Nothing is off limits as my National Geographic photographer within roams the wild world of dorm life taking pictures of things you may find interesting. Oh, and bathrooms as well.

Today's Dorm of the Day: Snell-Hitchcock. Why is it first? Because I live there, and it was easy for me to con people in to letting me take pictures of their rooms.
Snell-Hitchcock is the aforementioned "gray gothic one", an L-shaped building smack dab in the middle of campus (well, really the lower left middle, but that varies by what you're using as a reference point). Snell and Hitchcock were built separately in the late 1800s, but are now connected by a super underground tunnel basement hangout room thing. Snell house is all singles, save one huge double for upperclassmen, and Hitchcock is all doubles for first year students (really, don't even think about it, there is no hope to get a single in Hitchcock as a first year, kid who's thinking they'll be the exception to the rule right now). Snell-Hitchcock has a grand tradition of being awesome, having cool architecture, and being highly amazing at Scav Hunt.
But enough with my guff, and on to pictures, yes?


This is my room, a single in Snell. I cleaned it just to show it to you!


This is my closet. It is huge. I put clothes there.


This is a very large bag of fortune cookies sitting outside someone's room on the 4th floor.


Here you see Tyler, making a traditional Snell-Hitchcock hand signal. Tyler has what we in Snell like to call a "very small room". Sadly, Tyler got the shaft in room placement because he is a first year, but enjoys his very small room anyway. Tyler decided to come along and take pictures with me, so you may see him in various poses in the places we go.


Here's Tyler again, exploring the many magical wares of the Tea Room, Snell's house lounge. Tea is not often drunk in the Tea Room, but we still call it that anyway. Tyler is blurry because he is recoiling from finding something gross in a styrofoam packet on the Tea Room table. If I remember correctly, it was a half-eaten taco.


These two books sitting next to each other on the coffee table of the Tea Room are a pretty accurate description of what it's like to live in Snell-Hitchcock, or, for that matter, to go to the University of Chicago.


Here we are on our way to Hitchcock, in the super secretly awesome basement path. This is Snell's laundry room, where... you do laundry. Pretty self-explanatory.


Here's the house kitchen, where any member of the house is allowed to cook. Upperclassmen have to sign up for kitchen cleanings once a quarter, but get the added privilege of space in the huge silver refrigerators you see in the corner, and cabinet space hiding to my left.


This is the Rec Room, a lounge for both Snell and Hitchcock. As you can see, we have a pool table. As you may not be able to see, we have couches and a TV, ping-pong, vending machines, and, most importantly, Mortal Kombat.


In the basement, I ran in to Robert from Hitchcock, who was nice enough to let me see his room. Here, his roommate Chris relaxes with a friend while Robert cleans furiously in a vague attempt to make his room look sort of presentable.


Robert was taking forever, so I went across the hall, where Oscar and Robbie had a much cleaner room anyway.


And this is how I found Robert when I came back to his room. Again, a good summary of what it's like to live in Snell-Hitchcock.


Most rooms in Hitchcock have superfluous fireplaces that don't work and just take up space. The inhabitants of this room have creatively turned their fireplace in to a living Facebook wall, and apparently update their statuses (stati?) in chalk quite regularly. Contrary to what your eyes are currently telling you, Marlena is wearing a University of Chicago sweatshirt.


This is a Hitchcock bathroom- one toilet, one shower, and one sink split between 8 people. Snell bathrooms look sort of similar but are bigger and more yellow. I couldn't get a picture of one because someone was always pooping.


This is the Hitchcock house lounge, known as the Green Room. It is much larger and more glorious than the Snell Tea Room, although somewhat lacking in day-old tacos.


Hitchcock has many grand portraits of important people in the Green Room. Naturally, we deface them by putting things on their faces (although they are encased in glass, so don't worry, art historians). I particularly liked the pincers and antennae on this lovely woman, as well as her proximity to the Chain Saw Carving of a Chain Saw, a trophy of an old Scav Hunt item.

And so ends your mini-tour of Snell-Hitchcock. I hope you found it interesting and informative, as well as somewhat hilarious, and representative of what your life in college might be like.
Keep your blog-watching eyes open for next week's installment of Dorm of the Day (yes, it is a weekly phenomenon, not daily as the title might suggest), and let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like to see.

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Erika said:

Haha, wow. That was pretty hilarious. It's things like these that make me really want to go to UChicago.

Looking forward to reading more of these weekly dorm of the day's. Shall I take a wild guess and say that pretty much every student will say that their dorm is the best dorm? ^_^

Erika said:

Haha, wow. That was pretty hilarious. It's things like these that make me really want to go to UChicago.

Looking forward to reading more of these weekly dorm of the day's. Shall I take a wild guess and say that pretty much every student will say that their dorm is the best dorm? ^_^

N said:

Thank you for this entry, it was amusing and informative, and I look forward to the continuation of the series.

One suggestion, though: right now, you're embedding the full-resolution images right into the text. Don't get me wrong: full-size images are really useful, but you don't get to see them at full size when they're embedded. Meanwhile, every time you open the page, the browser loads all the pictures. At around 4 megabytes each, that's at least 70 megabytes just opening this one page - daunting for people even on fast connections and hard for the UChicago servers, I'd imagine.
Instead, may I suggest embedding thumbnails of your images (there's plenty of software that can make those for you) and sending the visitor to the full-size image when they click on the thumbnail.

Temple said:

I love your new series!

Kirsten said:

Ha! Amazing! I wondered what you guys would say on the blog after application season ended. Very informative. These posts will make my choices easier, assuming, of course, that I get in...

Jean said:

Thank you so much! I was hoping someone was going to blog on the dorms.

Tae said:

Thanks, Grace!

I've been flipping through the housing booklet with little avail. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the dorms!

P.S. Do all the dorms have kitchens?

Grace Chapin said:

Glad you guys like the dorms! I'm trying to figure out ways to get myself in to all of the other dorms, but hopefully that will happen soon. :)
And Tae, yes- all dorms have kitchens. Most are "house kitchens" that everyone can use (and clean...), with the exception of Blackstone and some rooms in the new South Campus facility. In Blackstone, you share a small kitchen with your suitemate, and some rooms in South Campus will have full kitchens.

D said:

This is cool. But I was wondering; how do you have a weekly dorm of the day? Is it even possible?

Sorry... I'm just a really analytical person.

Aash Anand said:

Oh just wait until you see the keycard-operated orange delight that is Max Palevsky Residential commons.

Zekeriya Eroglu said:

My Ihouse reservation deserves details more.

Mary Beth Dougherty said:

bringing home the bacon, I'm fucking miss piggy

Kamilah said:

Woah. I really think I want to come here to this school. Looking forward to visiting the campus.

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