Uncommon Essays 2013-14

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We're not Uncommon just for the sake of being uncommon.

We know that each applicant is a bright and passionate individual - numbers alone can't contain the multitudes within every one of our students. That's why we're so serious about crafting an application which allow you to show off your singular character. For years, we've offered students unique essay questions - each designed to challenge, provoke, and inspire. Responses have taken many forms, including elaborate equations, stunning maps, bold jokes, and stirring manifestos. In the end, these essays allow Admissions Counselors to get to know you and how your brain works!

So every Spring, we ask admitted and current students to help continue the tradition. They submit their own ideas for essay topics, ranging from the sincere to the philosophical to the downright hilarious. Together with a committee of students and alums, Admissions Counselors choose their favorites - topics that will appeal to a wide variety of thinkers. With past questions like "find X" or "how do you feel about Wednesday?", you can be certain that our questions won't be your typical "what did you do on your summer vacation?"

This Thursday around 6pm Central Time, we're thrilled to be releasing our Extended Essay Prompts for the 2013-2014 application cycle. In fact, we're so excited that we can barely wait till then - over the next few days, we'll be releasing teasers, each hinting at the theme of an essay prompt, through our Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. Feel free to use the space below to post your topic guesses! If you're close, we'll give you a shout out on Thursday afternoon!

The game is afoot,

Will Herald
Senior Admissions Counselor


The university degrees are what we make of it. But, this is a good way to bring out the best of what we learn in the course.

Milind Harish said:

The Uncommon essay topics are definitely one of, if not the most awaited essay topics of each application cycle.

Kim Lifton said:

We teach students how to write compelling essays no matter what the question. We LOVE your questions this year; we loved your questions last year; we are confident we will respond similarly to your questions next year. "Waldo" stood out as my No. 1 favorite prompt last year, and "history" tops the list at the moment. Thank you for the thought-provoking prompts. They force the students to think, reflect and show who they are. The questions also seem to prevent students from taking short cuts with their writing.

Kim Lifton
President, Wow Writing Workshop

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