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Recycling Flyers Get Personal

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SAGE Ambassadors and other sustainability advocates have been working to cover the campus with recycling signage, informing faculty, staff, students and visitors that glass, aluminum, paper, cardboard, and plastic can all be tossed into the same recycling bin. These flyers will be used in the interim, until the University gets all new, uniform recycling bins. When posting these signs in 6045 S. Kenwood, a LEED Gold certified building, a sustainability staff member came across this personalized flyer. 

personalized recycling flyer.jpg
To download a recycling sign to print and post in your building, click here (the general flyer for bulletin boards) and here (the flyer for containers). Thanks for your help!

University's First E-waste Recycling Event a Huge Success!

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University and community members recycled nearly 23,000 lbs of e-waste and other items at our event on May 7th. The event was a partnership between the Office of Sustainability, Facilities Services, and the Office of Civic Engagement. Because there are few options for recycling e-waste on the South Side, the event was offered to the University community as an opportunity to responsibly dispose of difficult-to-recycle items. For more information on the event, click here.

recyclingevent-unloadingtruck.jpgA truck load of e-waste was collected at an area condominium association and was unloaded at the event.

recyclingevent-styrofoam.jpg691 pounds of Styrofoam were collected.

52 of the above computer monitors were dropped off for recycling, in addition to 15 LCD monitors.

recyclingevent-travelmug.jpgFax machines, watches, telephones and cords were also recycled--in addition to several pick axes!

recyclingevent-dropoffcontainers.jpgDrop-off containers, which were placed at Ratner, SSA, Pick Hall, and Harper Memorial Libaray throughout the week, filled up quickly with e-waste from folks who couldn't make the event.

recyclingevent-couch.jpg"Excuse me," said six-year-old Gabriel, "we'd like to recycle this couch."

recyclingevent-loading.jpgAt the conclusion of the event, pallets with 4' x 4' x 4' boxes of recyclables were loaded into a 52'-long truck. Recyclables were then transported to Intercon Solutions' Chicago Heights processing facility, where all materials and their components were taken apart my hand and securely recycled.

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