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Greening convocation

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Convocation, taking place this Saturday, June 11th, is always an event to remember, but this year, UChicago’s 507th convocation will be even more memorable. How so? Graduation just got greener!

Convocation 2010.jpg

This spring, UChicago Students Against Bottled Water has been collaborating with the Office of Special Events to provide graduates and their friends and family an alternative to bottled water. As a result of these efforts, eight 125 gallon water tanks will be stationed throughout the Quad, allowing the University to reduce its bottled water consumption by 15,000 compared to last spring’s convocation.

Finally, the University took greening convocation one step further by printing the recently revamped diplomas on 100% recycled paper. We can imagine that these hard-earned diplomas were made from graduates’ hundreds of paper drafts recycled over their UChicago academic careers.

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