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Sustainability Walking Tour

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Thirty first years took advantage of the beautiful weather this past week by joining the first UChicago Sustainability Walking Tour which highlighted sustainable aspects and initiatives across campus. Highlights included recycles bike share stations, the LEED Gold Searle Laboratory, composting at campus dining halls and cafes, and the student-run Uncommon Garden.
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UChicago Family Resource Fair

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Sustainability staff were on hand yesterday to welcome all of the new students and their families!
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SCRS Pledges To Be More Sustainable

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Of their own accord, the University's Student Counseling and Resource Service has pledged to stop ordering disposable coffee cups for staff, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and our environment!  In support of this pledge, the Office of Sustainability provided 30 SAGE mugs to each staff member, from clinicians to administrative staff.  If your office or department would like SAGE mugs, please contact sustainabilityoffice@uchicago.edu.Styrofoam cups.jpg

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