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Willingdon Hostel, Baghdad, Mesopotamia

April 23, 1920

We pulled into Baghdad this morning at 7 o’clock. As I clambered out, Major Bowman asked me to come and stop at his house from tomorrow, as their guest room is occupied today. We were met at the train by General Hambro’s staff car and two vans, which quickly shifted us and our kits to the Hotel Maude, just across the street from here, but General Hambro’s reservation for us had expired owing to the delay in our arrival, and we had to come over here, where we are uncomfortable and cramped. The first names we saw on the register were those of two fine looking Italian Air Force officers whom we had met here, as they stopped on a flight to Japan. We were looking at their names when the news came in that they had crashed at Bushire on the Persian Gulf, and both been killed. I will not stop to write more or delay this.

A world of love to all my dear ones. Affectionately, James.

For the full story of my exciting trip you should come to the special exhibit “Pioneers to the Past: American Archaeologists in the Middle East, 1919-1920,” at the Oriental Institute!

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