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Studying or working at a University, it's easy to acquire more books than your space can allow. When you're tripping over the books in your house because you've run out of bookshelves, and you can finally talk yourself into culling the collection, what do you do? According to the EPA, paper takes up a whopping 31% of our landfills in the U.S ( If you love books, it's heartbreaking to imagine books in landfills, but there they are. You could cut the paper out of your books to recycle, the best solution is to find a way to re-use. Donating books is a win-win: you keep the books out of the landfill, and resources do not need to be used to make the book anew for the next reader.

One of our SAGE Ambassadors, Kelly Pollock, is helping to run a book drive to raise money for the Office of Letters and Light (, a non-profit organization that runs creative literary programming for children and adults. The books will be sent to Better World Books (, an Indiana bookseller that "sells books online to fund literacy initiatives worldwide." Better World Books has saved over 35 million books from landfills, and if you donate your books, they can save a few more!

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If you are interested in donating books, contact Kelly Pollock, at, or at 5-3238, or stop by Foster 101 to drop off books. Kelly can also come pick up books if you have a box or more, and she'll bring a box to your dorm or office if you want to run your own mini-drive.

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