From trees to furniture: photos from the case study in reuse

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In early November, we featured an article by SAGE Ambassador and Sustainability Council member Cheryl Rusnak, "From trees to furniture: a case study of how trees from the Mansueto Library construction site were put to purposeful re-uses." Now, we are pleased to share even more photos from the project. All the credit goes to the committed folks at the Library!

Completed Ash benches are near Regenstein Library Circulation.  (Photo by Cheryl Rusnak)

Memorial Trees blooming.  (Photo by Jane Ciacci)

Memorial Crab Apple Trees planted in a new location north of 56th Street between the Smart Museum and Young Memorial Building.  (Photo by Cheryl Rusnak)

Mansueto construction site preparatory work begins before tree removal.  (Photo by Cheryl Rusnak)

Logs from trees in storage at Horigan Urban Forest Products, Inc. (HUFP).  (Photo by Cheryl Rusnak)

Logs milled by Bruce Horigan and HUFP employee in North Chicago.  (Photo by Cheryl Rusnak)

Scott Chambers and Judi Nadler pose with a board of Maple that will be used for the top of a side table.  (Photo by Cheryl Rusnak)

A bench in progress in Scott Chamber's work shop. (Photo by Cheryl Rusnak)

Closet doors, conference table, and side table in the Library Director's Office.  (Photo by Cheryl Rusnak)

Completed benches are on the first floor of Regenstein Library.  (Photo by Cheryl Rusnak)

The Maple side table by a window in the Library Director's Office.  (Photo by Cheryl Rusnak).

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