SAGE Advice: Winter too hot for you?

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Too cold? See last year’s November SAGE advice.


Okay, fine, maybe it’s not winter quite yet, but soon enough (as much as I hate to admit it), winter will be upon us. Each year, when the low temps strike and we start piling on the layers, I sometimes find myself getting a little too warm in some of our campus buildings—sometimes sweating in my sweater. While the weather outside might be frightful, inside it’s not always so delightful. But before you crack open a window to cool down (or plug in a space heater to warm up), follow these quick tips:

  • When you find yourself just too hot to handle indoors, turn down the heat! In fact, you might even consider turning off a radiator. Whatever you do, don’t touch that air-conditioning dial! Turning on your air conditioner is not only a waste of electricity, it also fools your heating system into thinking it’s colder than it actually is, making your heating system work even harder (and resulting in higher electricity and heating bills!). In fact, if you have an air conditioner sitting in your window, take it out or cover it up (in campus buildings, contact the Work Center, see below). Window air conditioners contribute to heat loss, so wrap it up to insulate your office from the cold.
  • Too warm while your professor debates the merits of Marx? Falling asleep because of the heat during your office meeting? Contact the Work Center at 773-834-1414. Facilities Services staff will assess the situation and make adjustments as needed. (If you’re in the dorms, submit a request via HouseNet.)
  • Get informed! For a more extensive list of winter do’s and dont’s, please see last year’s SAGE Advice on staying warm in our cold Chicago winters.

They say this winter is going to be one of the worst on record—but we all know that even when it’s up to your knees out there, you won’t turn into an ice sculpture inside. Bundle up and stay warm- inside and out.


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