Happy Birthday: recycles reaches the terrible twos!

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recycles, the University’s free bike share program, has now entered the era Dr. Spock would call the “terrible two’s.” But will they really be that terrible for a bike fleet 26 strong without the imminent threats of teething or failing Potty Training 101? We think not—perhaps the terrible two’s will bring forth another two, or even 20, years of recycles success! With over 1,500 active registered users and nearly 100 bike rentals per week, we’ve grown quite a lot in the past two years! To celebrate this memorable benchmark, UChicago’s Office of Sustainability is setting some new two-wheeled trends:

  • The recycles fleet is growing, with the addition two new bikes to the pack. These bikes are smaller, have female frames, and are ready for rental from the Regenstein.
  • The program has also expanded to two new groups of users! Starting now, UChicago alumni and temporary UChicago employees may register for recycles. All you need to register is a valid CNet ID, internet access, and two minutes!
  • Two for tea: Don’t forget to rent out the tandem bike (available at the Regenstein) for a clever, very UChicago (and very free) date!

Remember to lock up your recycles bike correctly and wear a helmet! Also, please keep in mind that bicycles must be returned by 6PM to most bike share locations during the fall to accommodate for daylight savings. Click here for fall operating hours.

Thanks to feedback from users, we’ve been able to climb to the top of the playground totem pole and develop the program to better accommodate users’ needs. We’d love to hear from you as we ride out the terrible two’s! Please email us with any thoughts about the program.

Ride safely and see you out there!

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