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When you walk into Ratner, you can't help but be inspired by the many patrons determined to surpass five miles on the treadmill or bench press hundreds of pounds. When we walk into Ratner, we can't help but be inspired by the many steps the Athletics Department is taking towards a greener fitness facility. 

Let's start with the machines: been biking lately? All of Ratner's bikes are user-powered. They have batteries for startup, but once you start peddling, the motion of your legs spinning the wheels powers the machine. There are even two upright bikes on the second floor that feature iPod/iPhone integration, meaning you can charge your electronics through exercise! 

Ratner is also working with Facilities Services (FS) to implement energy conservation lighting, which was done in 2011 at Henry Crown Field House. FS is also completing a project to recalibrate and balance Ratner's ventilation system. This would increase the efficiency of both the heating and cooling at Ratner. 

In addition to these sustainability measures, the Athletics Department sends older fitness equipment to other University athletic facilities. When equipment can no longer be repurposed, Ratner staff trades in these machines to fitness equipment companies. In return, these companies give Ratner new equipment while the old equipment is repaired and sold to high schools and other organizations or sold as scrap metal. Old athletic uniforms are donated to charitable organizations.

As gym patrons know, Ratner provides spray bottles of cleaning solution and towels in various locations throughout the gym. This cleaning solution, made by Simple Green, is eco-friendly and the towels are repurposed as cleaning rags by Ratner's staff once they are tattered. The towels are washed in high-efficiency machines with a green laundry detergent. You can read more about the sustainability of their laundry detergent here

Next time you hit the basketball courts or take a trip up to the cardio rotunda, rest assured that Ratner is making sustainable choices and looking towards a greener future. And don't forget to power down that TV after you've finished your workout!

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