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If you are visiting the Smart this spring, you may be greeted at the door with a spoon.  A tradition of hospitality in Serbia, the offering of the strawberry preserve slatko is intended to sweeten your visit as well as your tongue - and it will indeed be very sweet,  as our student staff's reactions demonstrate.     

Ana Prvacki, creator of The Greeting Committee, thinks of the project not only as a gesture of welcome.  "Hospitality, and the idea of host and hostage, are etymologically very close.  You could be an overly eager host that makes the guest into a hostage.  I think there are a lot of very dark sides to hospitality."

Experience it for yourself - slatko is being served up on select days throughout the run of Feast.   

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This is an informal curatorial research blog for Feast: Radical Hospitality in Contemporary Art, an exhibition about the meal as a medium for contemporary artists. The exhibition opens at the University of Chicago’s Smart Museum of Art in February 2012.