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Tough week for Illinois

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Quick news roundup:

  • The NYT's Lede Blog has good coverage of Governor Blagojevich's current legal troubles and impending doom. Chicagoist has good coverage of his future as a children's toy. The Smoking Gun has transcripts. Blago's got a dirty mouth!
  • Tribune Co., umbrella over the LA Times and Chicago Tribune, has filed for bankruptcy and is requesting $125 million to cover costs while it restructures its $13 billion debt. 
  • No actually. $13 billion. If each of those dollars was a penny, and we stacked them all in a tower, it would be about 12,831 miles high. That's 20,000 km and change if you're one of those metric folks, and about a minute and fifty-five seconds if your conception of space was formed by The Powers of Ten:

  • From the "Kids today with their long hair and iPod machines" file, kookiness will soon be afoot at the Art Institute. Naked kookiness, in fact!

edit 12/10/08 1:10 to include juicy tidbits from The Smoking Gun