Chicago Studies Mindset

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The Chicago Studies Mindset List for the Class of 2014 -

Stealing an idea from - I mean an homage to - The Beloit College Mindset List

Most students entering the College for the first time this fall--the Class of 2014--were born in 1992. For these students:

  1. Tony "Big Tuna" Accardo, bluesman Willie Dixon, actor Robert "Mike Brady" Reed, and author Iceberg Slim (Robert Lee Maupin) have always been dead.
  2. Michael Jordan and has always had an NBA Championship ring.
  3. Chicagoans have known about the Loop's underground tunnel system thanks to the Great Chicago Flood
  4. University of Chicago has always been at least 100 years old
  5. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama (UCSC's founding director) have always been married.
  6. There has always been an African-American Woman (Mae Jemison, Chicago Public Schools alumna) who traveled to space.
  7. UChicago Economics Professor Gary Becker has always been a Nobel Laureate.
  8. Steel hasn't been made at the USX's Southworks
  9. Sears, Roebuck has not been headquartered in Chicago in "the tallest building you'll ever see" (now the Willis Tower)
  10. The University Community Service Center has always existed (as a student organization from 1992 - 1996)

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