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Submit Your BA Thesis Today for the Chicago Studies Annual Journal


By: Christopher Hansen, Communications Intern for Chicago Studies

The Chicago Studies Program of the University Community Service Center (UCSC) invites you to submit your Chicago-focused senior thesis for consideration in the Chicago Studies Annual Journal.

Each year, University of Chicago undergraduates conduct original research on various aspects of Chicago - politics, history, culture, etc. - and produce publishable work in upper-level classes and BA thesis colloquiums. Students now have the opportunity to submit their work for publication in "Chicago Studies: An Annual of Undergraduate Research on the Chicago Region."

The Chicago region continues to be an academic laboratory for the University of Chicago, and the Journal showcases some of the best academic work about the city produced by undergraduate students. The first volume was released in Autumn 2008.

Eligible papers must:
• deal with some aspect of the Chicago region;
• contain original research;
• have been completed by a University of Chicago undergraduate as a component of a class or degree requirement; and
• be nominated by a faculty member.

Students from all academic disciplines within the College are eligible to submit. To be considered, submissions must be formatted in a Microsoft Word document and sent via email by Friday, July 21 to Martha Merritt, the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Development, at mlmerritt@uchicago.edu.

Chicago Studies Program Seeks to Foster Chicago-Focused Senior Theses


By: Jane Bartman, Third-Year Student and Civic Journalist for Chicago Studies

On Monday, June 3, the Chicago Studies Program of the University Community Service Center (UCSC) hosted students who wrote or are planning to write a senior thesis on a Chicago-focused topic for an engaging dinner discussion.

The event drew over 15 undergraduates from a variety of majors and areas of study, including Pre-Med, Public Policy, History, International Studies, and Sociology, who expressed interest in topics ranging from refugee communities in Chicago to the city's criminal court system.

Attendees offered suggestions for ways that the UCSC could support their research, from compiling a list of completed Chicago-related theses to offering a travel stipend for students conducting fieldwork or archival research elsewhere in the city.

Students were enthusiastic about the chance to focus their major undergraduate research project in a city as diverse and dynamic as Chicago. Third-year Karlyn Gorski said, "Researching in Chicago means I can immerse myself and create a project that I really care about."

If you have additional suggestions on how the Chicago Studies Program could support your BA research, please email chicagostudies.ucsc@gmail.com.