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Chicago #8 on Global Cities Index

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"Cities bear the brunt of the world's financial meltdowns, crime waves, and climate crises in ways national governments never will."  Check out the rankings and the articles posted by Foreign Policy, A.T. Kearney, and The Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

I've heard Chicago referred to as the most cosmopolitan provincial (or provincial cosmopolitan) city.  Is Chicago a Global City?  Why or why not?

Chgo Matters: Recycling at the Sears Tower

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Chicago Matters: Growing Forward: Taking Recycling to New Heights
"More than 8,000 people work at the Sears Tower. You can imagine how much garbage all those people produce...In less than two years, the building has gone from recycling seven tons of paper a month, to nearly 50."

Part of the Chicago Matters series on WBEZ, WTTW, and the Chicago Reporter.  See also Green Chicago in the Resource Section or go to the Environmental Studies Program Open House today at 5 pm in Pick Hall.

What do you think about recycling in Chicago?

Chicago Marathon results

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Yesterday's Chicago Marathon drew 33,033 runners from around the world to its 26 mile course through nearly 30 neighborhoods. The first to finish was Australian Kurt Fearnley at 1:30:16 in the men's wheelchair division. The first men's runner to finish was Kenyan Evans Cheruiyot in 2:06:25, the first women's runner was Russian Lidiya Grigoryeva in 2:27:17, and the first women's wheelchair placer was Amanda McGrory from Champaign in 1:55:12.

Not sure you could match these times? This product promises to improve your (and your children's!) odds.

Warning: Watching video in a workplace may cause your supervisor to wonder if you've got anything better to do with your time.

Bike Tour - Chicago Weekly Story

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Chicago Weekly feature:  City as a Classroom on the Southside History Bike tour. 

Also - more photos in Chicago Studies Flickr Group. Photo below by Avi Schwab/froboy


Chess in HP, Best of South Side

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  • UofC's Home Page Feature Story on fourth-year Sarra Jahedi's film The Game for the course Documentary Video Production, taught by Judy Hoffman, Senior Lecturer in the Humanities.  The Game looks at the chess players who meet throughout surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Chicago Weekly, the student newspaper, features 'the Best of the South Side' - check out their picks, send them your own suggestions.