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Unfortunately, there has been an increase in ‘involuntary bicycle recycling’ (i.e. bicycle theft) this spring in and around the University. Several recycles bicycles are among those that have been ‘involuntarily recycled.’ In order to ensure that this does not happen to your bicycle, we’d like to remind you to be sure to properly lock it at all times.

What does a properly locked bicycle look like? Please see below for detailed locking procedures.

Proper locking procedure for standard bicycle: When locking the bike with the u-lock, include the frame and the front wheel and attach to the bike rack. Give the bike lock or chain a tug after locking, to ensure that it is secure.


Proper locking procedure for a tandem bicycle: The tandem bike is locked using two u-locks. Use the first u-lock to secure either the front or back wheel to the frame of the bike. Use the second u-lock to secure the remaining wheel to the frame of the bike and the bike rack. Give each bike lock a tug after locking, to ensure that it is secure.

Thanks, and safe cycling!

Picture courtesy of CDOT

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