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SAGE Advice: Green your spring cleaning

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Have you ever picked up a bottle of household cleaner, such as Fantastic, and tried to read through the list of ingredients? Chances are, you haven’t. If you have, however, you’ll know that the ingredients list is chalked full of chemicals, chemicals, and more chemicals—most of which have extremely long and rather unpronounceable names. While some feel that brand-name chemicals are the most efficacious, you can in fact make a greener choice without sacrificing quality. Cleaning supplies laden with chemicals end up in landfills and sewers—leaking into our water supply and eventually entering into our bodies, where they can act as carcinogens. When you start to plan your spring cleaning, consider turning to these simple, homemade recipes and tricks for a space filled with natural brilliance instead of strong chemicals.

  • Make your own cleaning products: it’s easier and cheaper than you think! An investment in a couple of essential oils can lead to an entire pantry filled with eco-friendly, effective cleaning solutions. Here’s one to try for an herbal disinfectant: combine and shake well 2 cups of hot water, 10 drops of thyme essential oil, and ΒΌ cup washing soda. And presto—use as a spray on any germy surface to disinfect.
  • Get creative: Think of ways to reuse items you’d typically throw away. Maybe take an empty store-bought soap dispenser to use for your own homemade soap or use cardboard boxes to organize items in your pantry.
  • Make a resolution: If you designate a day each week for cleaning certain spaces in your apartment or dorm, you can avoid grime buildup. This way cleaning will be easier and you wont be tempted to turn to chemical-laden products to clean your space.
  • Use what’s around: Did you know there are 17 ways to clean with lemons? Other common household items can be equally as useful if you just think outside the chemical bottles.

For more tips, recipes, and greener cleaners, click here.

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